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The Kattegat Center

The Kattegat Center is a large, Danish aquarium with more than 200 species of marine animals - including sharks, penguins, seals and a sea of ​​fish that live in the Kattegat, but also many tropical species of fish and sharks.

A Sea of Experiences
Regardless of whether you prefer to be a dry-shod spectator or be thrown into deep water in a diving suit, the Kattegat center is ready with a sea of ​​experiences that will stick forever!

Let yourself be surrounded by sharks, watch the seals frolic in their element, row in a kayak on the deepest ice sea and learn more about how to take good care of the nature of the sea.

In the Kattegatcentre's tropical shark tank, the large stingrays dance and splash on the surface, while shark fins cut through the water and dangerous sets of teeth rip flatfish out of the zookeeper's hand. Stand very close and get water in your hair - or see it all from the shark tunnel, where there is only 6 cm between you and the sharks.

The open aquariums offer a sensory bombardment of water splashes, smells and sounds - and in the stir pools you can "pet" a shark, play hide and seek with the flatfish and hold hands with starfish and crabs.

Meet more than 200 wonderful, brightly colored species of sea animals and experience our unique shark training, where you really gain insight into the fascinating animals. If you want to get up close, you can also dive down to the sharks!

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