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Running, hiking and MTB

The area around Birkhede Camping offers countless opportunities for hiking, jogging and cycling - both mountain bike tours, road cycling and relaxed rides.

We arrange MTB rides and jogs several times a week. During the high season hikes are also in our program. Look out for our weekly program and rememeber to bring your equipment - e.g. bike, helmet and shoes - if you want to participate.

If you want to go out on your own, you can find suggestions for bike rides, hikes and MTB at the reception and right here: https://www.visitskanderborg.com/ln-int/skanderborg-ry/land-0

We also recommend hiking on Himmelbjergruten Himmelbjergruten is an approx. 45 km-long beautiful hiking, running and cycling route around the Silkeborg lakes and Ry.


The best MTB-tracks in Denmark 

Right outside Birkhede Camping you will find Denmark's best MTB tracks and routes, so don't forget to bring your bike. Mere info about the tracks and maps can be found here (NB! Some of the pages are in Danish, but we will gladly help you in the reception)  

Ry Bike Park (Small MTB playground. Great for Children)

Danmarks tag (The roof of Denmark - a great track for expereinced riders)

Siim Skov (For beginners and experienced riders alike)

Vesterskoven - the best track in Denmark



Running routes from Birkhede Camping

If you want to go running or hiking in the beautiful surroundings of the campsite you can download routes right here.

Alling Vest - The short one: 5 km (pdf) 

Alling Vest - The long one: 6 km (pdf) 

Bryggebjerg and Udsigten: 7 km (pdf)

Alling and Rosvig: 8,7 km (pdf)

Around Lake Knudsø: 10 km (pdf) 



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