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Practical info

When may we arrive? Where do I leave my waste? Where can I buy groceries?

Find alle the answers you need right here - in alfabetical order


Bringing your own caravan, camper or tent: In the high season arrival is after 13:00. Outside the high season you may arrive when it suits you during our opening hours from 8.00 to 22.00. 

For all rentals please refer to your contract.

Autocampers / motorhomes

Autocampers and motorhomes are welcome and can choose any pitch they like. Behind our reception you will find facilities for autocampers / motorhomes. Here you can empty your tanks, get rid of your waste water and fill your tanks with fresh water.


BBQs are permitted, but the grill must not be placed directly on the lawn or on the terrace by the cottages. Please make sure it stands firmly on a non-flammable surface. If you don't have the means to do this, please let us know at the reception, and we will gladly help you.

Campsite grills are located throughout our campsite and may be used freely.


The barrier is closed every night between 23:00 and 7:00 on weekends, holidays and in the high season. However, outside the high season the barrier is closed between 22:00 and 7:00 Sunday to Thursday.

Cars and driving on the campsite

All driving must be at walking pace. Only 1 car is allowed pr. unit/pitch. Please park any second car and/or trailers in the parking areas.

Cards for showers etc.

Cards for showers, laundrette etc. are handed out on arrival. See the prices for showers, laundrette etc. here. You can check the balance on your card either at reception or in the blue infomats in the entrances of all service buildings.

Carwash and bike-wash

Behind the service building by the pool you will find a car- and bikewash. We kindly ask you to use as little water and detergents as possible. Using the car-/bike-wash is free of charge. Please ask for the key at reception. 


You can always phone us on +45 86 89 13 55 and/or mail us on info@birkhede.dk


Staying in your own caravan, camper or tent: In the high season departure is before 12:00 unless otherwise agreed with the staff at the reception. Outside the high season: Departure before 18:00.

For all rentals please refer to your contract.


Dogs are welcome. Please always keep your dog on a leash and please do not walk them on the campsite. You can pick up free poop bags at the receptionen. On Birkhede Camping we also have a playground for dogs, where your best friend can run free without a leash. 

Electricity and TV

All pitches (except for the tent pitches by the lake) have electricity connection (10 amps) and cable-tv with Danish, German, and Scandinavian tv-channels. You will need the blue CEE plug for the electricity. Cable-tv is free of charge. Please bring your own cable

Emergency line

In case of emegency you can always get hold of us on +45 86 89 13 55.

A good night's rest 

Please help us maintain peace at night between 23.00 and 07.00. 

Groceries and shopping 

For grocery shopping we recommend the supermarkets in Ry. We can also recommend going shopping in Adelgade in Skanderborg and in Bloms Shoppingcenter

Facilities: Baths, toilets, kitchens etc. 

Service buildings with kitchens, baths, toilets, baby rooms, facilites for chemical toilets etc. are located in both ends of the campsite. Please help us keep the facilities clean and tidy by leaving them in the same clean condition you wish to find them.

We clean the facilities several times a day. However, should any problems occur, please inform us , so we can fix them immediately.

Fire and safety measures

Please keep at least 3 metres between your caravan/tent/camper and any unit in the neighbouring pitch. You may park your car in the space between your caravan/tent/camper and the neighbouring pitch.

Firefighting equipment is located in several places throughout the campsite. Look for the signs marking the places. In case of fire, please call 112, and alert the reception immediately.

First aid

We are trained in first aid and have a heart defibrillator at the reception. We will help you in any emergency and call for assistance.


Wireless internet is available throughout the site. Get free access code at the reception. There's also a free wifi hot spot in the TV-lounge. 


Everyone is required to display valid ID and address on arrival. 


Washing machines are located in the service building close to the pool. You will need you card when operating the machine. 

Opening hours, reception

In the high season daily 8.00-22.00. In the off-season opening hours are 8.00-20.00 and may vary on weekdays, but we are aways nearby, and you can always contact us on +45 86 89 13 55.


Bringing your own caravan, camper or tent: A deposit is charged on reservation. The balance is paid on depature. For all rentals please refer to your contract.

We accept all major credit cards, DKK and € in the reception. The shop only accepts cash - DKK and € - but you can always make a withdrawal from your credit card at the reception. 


The pool is open daily 8.00-21.00 from late May until early September depending on weather. The waterslide is turned on 9.30.  Between 8.00 og 9.00 you can enjoy a quiet morning swim. Using the pool is at own risk. Parents are responsible for their children's safety.

Public transportation

Trains for Aarhus, Silkeborg, Skanderborg, and Herning depart approx. every half hour from the station in Ry. You can find the timetable here.

Shop and take away-grillbar

In our small camping shop you can order freshly baked bread from a local baker's, buy icecream, candy, beverages and a small selection of souvenirs. For grocery shopping we recommend going to the supermarkets in Ry.  

In our shop you can also order take-away fastfood. The food is ordered and picked up in the shop and you are welcome to enjoy your meal in any of our dining areas of the campsite or in our TV-lounge. The grill is open in the high season and serves you burgers, chicken, fries, hotdogs etc. See the full menu right here.  


There's a TV-lounge next to the reception and free cable tv in all pitches except for the tent pitches by the lake. Please bring your own cable. 


All visitors must report to reception before entering the campsite. Visitors must park their cars in the parking lots outside the campsite to avoid unnecessary traffic. Visitors must leave before 22:30.

Waste: Please help us sort

The waste containers are located behind the service building close to the pool. Please help us sort the waste into the following categories: glass, tins, plastic bottles and containers, cardboard, paper, charcoal, bulky waste and general household waste. Please hand in used batteries at the shop or the reception.