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Info about Covid-19 (Corona virus)

Birkhede Camping - SAFE TO VISIT

We follow the health authorities' recommendations and Horesta Denmark's
COVID 19 instructions.

It gives our guests assurance that we live up to the requirements and recommendations of the authorities.

Safety and distance

Both indoors and outdoors, we have arranged our business so that we ensure a good distance between our guests.

Information about good behavior

We encourage our guests to keep their distance and we have made sure they have easy access to handsoap and water or disinfectants.

Thorough cleaning, washing and disinfection

We make sure that contact points that many touch are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

High level of hygiene

Our employees are aware of the authorities' recommendations and guidelines. They make sure to keep good distance and focus on hygiene.

Improved workflows

We have reviewed our workflows so that we minimize the time when there is close contact between guests, employees and suppliers. We have developed a plan for handling cases if COVID19 infection is suspected - or confirmed - among guests or staff.